Facility Rental

Welcome to the Hmong Cultural and Community Agency of La Crosse, Wisconsin. We are a place for the community to learn first hand about Hmong and other Asian cultures. The HCCA serves as a library, museum, resource/research and cultural center preserving Hmong history for the community to learn. We offer educational opportunities for the Hmong community, including language classes, social and employment services, job skills, cooking classes, and health services. We also provide an adequate facility to accommodate the traditional four-day Hmong memorial service and other key Hmong culture celebrations. However, if you need a space for private or public meeting, we also offer the center for a very low rates. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ka Ying Vang – Office Manager at (608) 781-5744 or via e-mail at kayingvang@live.com.

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