Welcome to HCCA of La Crosse, WI!!

2018 Events
• Aug 18&19: Hmong Hunter Safety Class
• Sept 13: Viterbo ft. Kao Kalia Yang, Hmong author
• Sept 21&22: 2018 HCCA Fall Eggroll Fundraiser Sale
• Oct 13&14: 2018 La Crosse Hmong New Year Festival

2019 Events
• March 2019: Hmong Education Project
• April 2019: 2019 HCCA Spring Eggroll Fundraiser Sale
• June 2019: La Crosse Hmong History Day
• August 2019: Hmong Hunter Safety Class
• September 2019: 2019 HCCA Spring Eggroll Fundraiser Sale
• October 2019: 2019 La Crosse Hmong New Year Festival



The Hmoob Cultural and Community Agency, Inc., commonly referred to as HCCA, is a
non profit corporation formed under Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 181, non-stock corporation. The HCCA was founded on the 9th day of December 1982 by all the Hmong refugees then, living in La Crosse.

The Vision/Mission of HCCA is to strive to provide progressive community development, advocacy, and cultural revitalization through holistic services, education, programming, outreach, and community connections.

Our Values & Guiding Principles

We believe in these values for both business success and the personal fulfillment and well-being of our community and our employees.

1. Commitment to the public good.
2. Accountability to the public.
3. Cooperation, communication, and working together to achieve mutual goals and objectives.
4. Respect for the worth and dignity of the individual.
5. Inclusiveness and social justice.
6. Respect for pluralism and diversity.
7. Transparency, integrity, and honesty.
8. Responsible stewardship of resources.
9. Commitment to excellence and to maintaining the public trust.
10. Ongoing improvement.

The HCCA invites you to learn more about our agency. Please visit our office at:

1815 Ward Avenue
La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone (608) 781-5744
Fax (608) 781-5011

We look forward to meeting you!